Deliver the most captivating version of your content

Improve user engagement by evolving content with the help of AI.


Automated AB testing of content through variations

Machine Learning

Learning engine that decides the transformations on each image

Zero Code Injection

No code injection required for integration. Everything happens through a CDN url.

Smart CDN

In low traffic it performs as a fast CDN & as traffic increases the ML system kicks in.

Easy Integration

Integrate in less than 15 minutes! Integration is as simple as replacing a URL


Upto 1M hits per month is on us!


Supports all major analytics platforms like MixPanel, Heap Analytics & more

Visually Similar but Perceptually Different!

Visual content take almost all of our interfaces & can influence how one experience a website or app! Use StoryBrain to deliver better images!

Aesthetically pleasing

Small file size

Very close to original design

Replace all your images in a single go!

All images in your website can be replaced in a single go by swapping the prefix by a custom generated one!

Granular Controls

Control which images gets processed & how effortlessly.

Group Images

Easily control properties of images together in groups.

User Roles

Provide access to multiple stakeholders in your organisations.

Smart Override

Override images with custom designs anytime

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